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Our Approach
Lovita Tandy formed Tandy Professional Development when she recognized a need for high quality, customizable services designed to help partners in small and midsize law firms realize their strategic vision.  Many of these attorneys left Big Law in search of different approaches to serving clients.  Many of them told Lovita their goals included:
  • Providing services more efficiently and cost effectively
  • Building compensation systems that incorporate more than billable hour targets and realization rates
  • Having more flexibility to pursue new opportunities
  • Operating with lower overhead and fewer conflicts
  • Achieving more work/ life balance
  • Offering creative solutions to legal problems

Partners in these new ventures soon found that the time it takes to offer first rate legal services and handle routine administrative matters associated with running a successful law firm left little time for anything else.  As a result, these firms find themselves facing new challenges (and a few old ones) like:
  • Compensation systems that don’t support any strategic vision
  • A tendency to take any business that comes in the door
  • Lack of profitability, despite everyone working hard
  • Losing promising talent because of a lack of advancement opportunities
  • Younger attorneys who do not have the experience profile and training to offer a wide range of support
  • Difficulty creating and sustaining the type of law firm culture they originally envisioned

Partners working in Big Law have resources available to address these issues including: growth and client development specialists, project management teams, professional development and training departments, and a managing partner and others who dedicate significant time to developing and furthering the firm’s mission. Tandy Professional Development believes these services should be available to smaller firms as well. We have a suite of strategic planning, project management, organizational development and cultural alignment, and talent development services to help you achieve your goals.

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